Superyacht In Auckland

Superyacht In Auckland

Hey Guys! Today I thought I’ll take the train from Avondale train station to downtown Britomart train station where I thought oh well might as well go for a walk around the waterfront and doing some videoing. 

It was around about 5 pm (Peak Time) so there were a few office workers just finishing work and catching the ferry to Devonport and Waiheke Island.

I got a chance to see the P&0 Cruise Ship the “Pacific Princess” that was moored at the Queens Wharf here in Auckland.

Walked along towards the viaduct area where there were more bars and restaurants. 

Seen some beautiful private boats and yachts.  I then carried on walking towards Silo Park, seen some people doing some Crossfit exercise and some people playing basketball. 

I walked to Wynyard wharf where there was a big Superyacht, I think they use Wynyard wharf for the Superyachts when they come into Auckland for repairs.   

I then proceed to walk back to Britomart train station where I caught the train back home to Onehunga.  

It was good to see everyone in the Xmas spirit and all the office workers having a few after-work drinks it was very busy because it was the peak time when everyone has just finished work and are rushing on trying to catch the ferry, bus and trains. 

If you ever come and visit Auckland must take a walk around the waterfront from the Ferry Terminal building to Silo Park.  Walking from the Britomart Train Station has taken me around 1 hour and it would be around 5km.