Grant Profile Life in New Zealand

Kia Ora! ( Hello)

My name is Grant and I am the founder of Life in New Zealand.

Why I started Life in New Zealand website?

Back in December 2018, I decided I wanted to share my photo’s and videos of our beautiful country New Zealand to the world. So I decided to make a Facebook page called Life in New Zealand.

In the first couple of month’s of starting Life in New Zealand Facebook page, the Facebook page started getting a few Likes and Followers and started to grow to around 2,000 Followers and 1,500 Likes in February 2019.

So people were really interested in our little country New Zealand around the world.

And so I started Life in New Zealand website to share anything to do with New Zealand.

At present, the Life in New Zealand Facebook page is around 63,563 Likes and 79,695 Followers and growing. I have also started a Life in New Zealand private group with nearly 10,000 members.

If you would like to join our Life in New Zealand community please free to follow and Like our Life in New Zealand social platforms.

Businesses -Working With Us 

We would love to partner and work with businesses that would like to promote their business on our website Life in New Zealand and Life in New Zealand Social media platforms. 

For more information send me an email to – grant@lifeinnewzealand.net